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"AGNI", Arena for Global Namboothiri's Interaction, was spawned in the minds of few Namboothiri youths stationed in Middle East, for the purpose of getting to know each other and bring them all under one umbrella, which is otherwise scattered in various parts of the Globe. The objective of this venture is to reunite the Namboothiris who are scattered around the world. Though this site has been launched by a group of nambothiris in U.A.E., the first spark for the AGNI (`Fire') was made by Prasad.C.G and Narayanan A.N. We have tried our level best to make this site viable to meet our objectives.

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About Us

We have left our motherland for one or another purpose. During our stay away from home, we all are sacrificing something or the other thing which is dear to us. We have to leave our parents, friends and spouses back in Kerala. So in the course of time the strength of friendship that we had back at kerala sometimes get lost as the frequency of contact becomes lesser....Nobody knows each others where about. Even if your friend at back home is staying next door, you may not even know. That's the the irony of life. Why don't we break the shackles and explore our vicinity here in the heat of the Middle East to try and find a way to reunite them again!

AGNI's objectives are focused on many things, to name a few:-

  • To create a web based directory for the Namboothiries world over.
  • To provide an opportunity for the members to interact freely.
  • To help the financially weaker people of Namboothiri community.
  • To use as a common platform to hone and sharpen the skills of AGNI members.
  • To provide Medical assistance to the people of Namboothiri community.
  • To provide Educational assistance to the deserving children of Namboothiri community.

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